Butterfly in Chains

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Butterfly in Chains cover


Track Listing

1. All of the pieces 3.42
2. Dragon child 5.05
3. Teach me 3.54
4. Friends for life 5.54
5. Not of this world 4.53
6. I wish you all the best 5.56
7. Butterfly in chains 7.44
8. Waiting 6.04
9. A question of faith 4.11
10. Whispers 8.47
11. I was just thinking of you 6.26
12. I'll be your priest 5.24

Total running time 68.08

A word about the songs...

Butterfly in Chains is a new, original collection of quite acoustic, direct, pared-back love-songs to spirit, to soul, and sometimes to a twin-flame muse as we leave each other’s orbit.

They are both notes to myself, but also an offering. I sing for God, love and art.

Rudolf Steiner talks about butterflies thus:

“The butterfly flutters above and over the earth, borne on the air and shimmering with light… beings of light, joyous in their colours, and the play of colours. All the rest is garment and luggage.”

They symbolise our true spiritual essence, whereas the chains in question symbolise our materialistic tethering. So the butterfly in chains describes one perspective I have on the human condition that I both experience within and see all around me; the spiritual being tethered to the earth and longing for light, life (eternal) and love.

I did not coin this phrase, I heard it from a spiritual master in Budapest where I live, but his meaning resonated with my own, and the poetic idea made a deep impression on my soul.

A year later, and 12 songs were born from this notion.

The songs tend to be gentle and tender and are from the heart. They are devotional ballads, but musically accessible… quite plaintive and intimate. When I talk of God I am not promoting religious ideas, I’m simply expressing gratitude for the miracle and mystery of existence, and the secrets of spiritual reality.

We come here for the mystery
For the chance to meet again
This love will be the death of me
I am a butterfly in chains

~ Asha Elijah ‘Butterfly in Chains’