God Gave us Flowers

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God Gave us Flowers cover


Track Listing

1. Magic (Bruce Springsteen) 3.10
2. All along the watchtower (Bob Dylan) 3.46
3. Black is the colour (Trad. Scottish) 4.15
4. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) 4.52
5. Perfect (Ed Sheeran) 5.10
6. True love ways (Buddy Holly) 3.30
7. If I could turn back the hands of time (R. Kelly) 5.57
8. What a wonderful world (Louis Armstrong) 2.39
9. You got me singing (Leonard Cohen) 4.05
10. To know her is to love her (The Teddy Bears) 3.07
11. Blow the wind southerly (Trad. Scottish) 4.14
12. The Skye boat song (Trad. Scottish) 3.28
13. Autumn came to Paris (Misztrál) 4.07
14. Learning the game (Buddy Holly) 2.25
15. It doesn’t matter any more (Buddy Holly) 2.59
16. God gave us flowers (Asha) 3.14

Plus the 4 songs in Hungarian:

17. Tavaszi szél (Trad. Hungarian) 4.28
18. Párisban járt az Ösz (Misztrál) 4.32
19. Nyitva látám Mennyország kapuját (Trad. Hungarian) 5.55
20. Bölcsõ dal (Kövesdi/Balázs) 3.42

A word about the songs...

This is my 4th volume of cover versions, after Songs of Love & Chains (a double album) in 2008, and Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon in 2014. I have also recorded over 30 albums of my own songs since 1987.
This album is quite diverse, and what brings it together is simply that I love the songs, whether they be apocalyptic ‘tough cookies’ like Dylan’s ‘All along the watch-tower’ & Springsteen’s ‘Magic’, or gentle Scottish folk-songs like ‘Blow the wind southerly’.

Somehow Louis Armstrong can meet Leonard Cohen here, whilst the controversial and defamed R. Kelly & Phil Spector (who wrote ‘To know her is to love her’), can meet and mingle with the original boy-next-door Buddy Holly. here The likes of Ed Sheeran & Hungary’s Misztrál are writing today, whilst Buddy Holly wrote over 60 years ago, and the Hungarian folk-songs I’ve included may be 200 or more years old!

The other thing that unites this collection is that they are all love-songs or loving-songs, either personal, spiritual or humanitarian, and in my imagination and aspiration I try to take them higher, so that they become symbols of the finest morality. Whether they describe longing, broken-heartedness, innocent purity or wry acceptance, I try to paint my interpretations in the colours of faith, hope and love.

~ Asha, May, 2020