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Welcome! You will find 20 albums of my spiritual music here from my very latest release Heal Your Heart in 2014, going right back to 1987 and my debut album Open Secret. You can listen, read, buy and download, as well as view YouTubes and galleries, and catch up on any latest news like forthcoming concerts or new projects. Mostly I write and sing love songs that connect us to the sacredness of our being, but I also sing some well-loved traditional songs, and a few spiritual re-interpretations of tracks by some of the great minstrels of our time, like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. Earlier in my career I recorded some instrumental pieces and piano vignettes, too. My genre is principally singer-songwriter, folk-rock and world music, with a dash of ambient new-age and a pinch of classical. The vibration of my music is intimate, tender and loving, and I sing to heal, to open the heart and to build a bridge to the higher self.

Heal your heart
State of Grace

"Your music has a sacred, healing quality that speaks directly to my soul.
It reminds me of something precious, almost forgotten.
It speaks to me of
an eternal peace beyond all earthly suffering."

~ Sandy Boonman, The Netherlands

"You have a great gift for expressing the deepest language and longing of the soul."

~ Susan Neale, UK

"I have attended many of your concerts, and I find that every performance of yours is
unique as I watch you unfold over time. Each time I see and feel that you become
one with the music something mysterious happens to me. It's as if I'm receiving a
form of radiance which is being reflected as you become one with the music. What
is bestowed upon you is then released. When you sing, Divine love and music unite,
and you sing for love."

~ Gloria Vahid, UK


Latest news


Asher will sing in Hellevoetsluis, near Rotterdam on May 16th; Strijen, near Dordrecht on May 17th and Beek, near Maastricht, on May 18th. Strijen is nearly sold out and Beek is filling up fast, so buy your tickets in advance if you’d like to come, in case it’s full on the night! Hellevoetsluis is at the Ri-Jo dance centre… plenty of room there, but the other two are smaller venues. CD’s will be for sale at GREAT concert bargain prices!! Kerani will play a 30-minute set from her new instrumental masterpiece, and Asher will sing songs old, new and newer! Further details & tickets here


27/04/14 ~ New You Tubes!!

These new You Tubes have been uploaded since February.

Heal Your Heart ~ Heal your heart, I love you & The river is flowing.

Comedy ~ Ron & Mimi’s Cosmic Love Soup (where Asher plays self-styled guru Ron Nimini!)

Concerts ~ Jah no dead, Song of my inner Jesus & Kyrie

Album tracks ~Black sheep boy, Song of eternity, Only you & Hiawatha.


27/04/14 ~ Two new albums by Myristica!

A very popular guest artist on this site, Myristica has released two wonderful new instrumental albums, the enchanting compilation album Butterflies and Lullabies, and the reflectively wistful Waiting for Yesterday. Samples, CD’s and downloads available here.

02/02/14 ~ Heal Your Heart - (High Planes Music volume 2) now available!!

Heal your heart

Asher's new studio album Heal Your Heart is now available on this site as a CD & download, featuring 16 entirely new interpretations of some of his best loved songs from recent years… moving, uplifting, spiritually deep and joyous.

~ To buy the CD in the shop for £12.95, click here

~ To buy the download for £7.99, or any individual track for £0.79, click here

~ Track listing and description here


"Asher ~ one of my favourite singers! Your music is like the breath of an angel."

~ Zsolt Gomori, Hungary

Singing Stone MusicSinging Stone

Singing Stone Music is now the record label on which I record, and which houses my current catalogue. Click here to read the legend of the singing stone and about the mythology of the heart with wings that I've chosen as the logo.