16/10/14 ~ New album out now: SUN, SORROW, FLOWERS, MOON

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I intend to be completing the production of a new improvised piano album, at the end of October, in the Netherlands.

If all goes well, it should be available in December or January.

It has already been recorded... several spontaneous pieces with a passionate Hungarian flavour! I don’t have a title yet, but my working title is Piano Rhapsodies.

It’s my first entirely instrumental creation since 1993!

16/10/14 ~ CONCERT CD/DVD

This CD/DVD of my 2014 May concert in the Netherlands will now appear in the new year, after my piano album comes out. Probably early spring.


I have written 6 out of maybe 12 songs for a new studio album of spiritual love songs, the working title of which is Being of Light.
Production is planned for the spring of 2015. It will be my first studio album of new songs since State of Grace in 2013.

02/08/14 ~ New album news - SUN, SORROW, FLOWERS, MOON

I have now completed recording my new album of cover versions at Kerani Music, in the Netherlands and it will be mixed and mastered in early September, ready for pressing. I'm hoping it will be available to hear and buy in October.

Arno op Den Camp produces, and does alchemical computer wizardry to bring it all together, digitally, and Erika Kele (Kerani) sings incredibly moving, ethereal backing vocals. I play the instruments, mainly keyboards (& the occasional mouth organs), and intuit the arrangements, and Arno & I share the percussion. Arno & Erika chip in regularly with invaluable extra arrangement suggestions, and Ollie the Chihuaha does high-pitch baying to the moon when he hears the high piano notes! The church bells just outside the studio seem to peal in harmony with the songs!

These are the tracks:

~ Scarborough fair (Traditional)
~ Stir it up (Bob Marley)
~ When a man loves a woman (Percy Sledge)
~ Calm after the storm (The Common Linnets... this year's Eurovision runner-up!!)
~ Ballad of the crystal man (Donovan)
~ Bird on the wire (Leonard Cohen)
~ Poor little fool (Rick Nelson)
~ Don't think twice (Bob Dylan)
~ Llorando se fue (Kaoma... Andean folk-song that became the Lambada!)
~ Le facteur (Georges Moustaki)
~ Tupelo honey (Van Morrison)
~ Fields of gold (Sting)
~ Natalia (Georges Moustaki)
~ Kilkelly Ireland (Peter Jones)
~ Colours (Donovan)
~ Can't help falling in love (Elvis Presley)
~ All the tired horses (Bob Dylan)
~ Tavaszi szel (Traditional Hungarian)

02/08/14 ~ Concert CD/DVD news!

This will definitely go ahead, and be available to see, hear and buy around Christmas-time, I hope! There is some great footage from my recent May concert in a magical setting in Beek, Netherlands, and we shall compile it with some other film goodies to make a lovely CD/DVD.

Here are the likely songs to be featured:

~ Always on my mind (Cover version)
~ Blessings on your soul
~ Dona Dona Dona (Traditional)
~ Each holy child (Cover version)
~ Falling through time
~ A friend like you
~ Kyrie
~ The lightning seed (New composition!!)
~ Love will always heal your heart
~ Morning sun (Traditional)
~ Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (Traditional)
~ O great spirit
~ The river is flowing (Traditional)
~ Beyond Saturn
~ State of grace
~ Tomorrow is a long time (Cover version)

02/08/14 ~ Other new album news (BEING OF LIGHT & WHITE TEMPLE)

In the autumn I plan to begin work on a new collection of my own spiritual compositions, which has a working title of Being of Light. Songs composed so far are: The Lightning Seed, Spiritual Love, Finding God with You and 'Be'. There will probably be 12 songs in all.

I always have it in mind to compose another piano album, and this will definitely happen... but I can't quite say when, yet! It's to do with time and money! My working title for it is White Temple!

02/08/14 ~ New You Tubes

Here are the You Tubes that have gone up since late April when I last posted about them:

~ Golden brown
~ Inspirit
~ A solitary bird
~ Violette
~ Tomorrow is a long time
~ Piano moon
~ Copper kettle
~ Dona Dona Dona
~ Open secret
~ God's perfect circle
~ Bird of paradise
~ Sacred heart
~ The mystic garden (acoustic version)
~ Angel's lullaby
~ Sagt mir wo die Blumen sind

26/05/14 ~ New albums!!

Sometime quite soon I intend to start work on two new albums!

The first will be Songs of Love and Chains volume 3... probably 17 or 18 songs I cover by other artists, re-interpreting them spiritually in delivery and ambience. I did this with a double album in 2008, Songs of Love and Chains volumes 1 & 2, and people really seemed to resonate with it. I made it sound like I sang in a cathedral! Now I'd like to add another collection. These are songs I cherished and loved growing up, and which touched my heart... 'Scarborough fair', Dylan's 'Don't think twice', Leonard Cohen's 'Bird on the wire', 'What a wonderful world', Donovan's 'Colours', Sting's 'Fields of gold', 'In the bleak mid-winter', Bob Marley's 'Stir it up', Georges Moustaki's 'Natalia' and many more. I'd hope it might be finished mid-autumn.

Then, probably in 2015, I have a new set of higher love songs I'm writing which I'd like to record. I have already written 'The lightning seed', 'Spiritual love', and 'Finding God with you'. The first two I recently sang live in concert in Holland.

I know I keep saying I would like to record a piano album, called White Temple... and I do really want to do this! I just need to find enough hours in the day and enough funding to keep composing, recording, making YouTubes and giving concerts! I also have in mind an album of channeled spiritual communion, but I'm eager to go with the first two, for now!

26/05/14 ~ New gallery!!

There's a new gallery of mostly recent concert photos just added under 'Galleries' !


Asher will sing in Hellevoetsluis, near Rotterdam on May 16th; Strijen, near Dordrecht on May 17th and Beek, near Maastricht, on May 18th. Strijen is nearly sold out and Beek is filling up fast, so buy your tickets in advance if you'd like to come, in case it's full on the night! Hellevoetsluis is at the Ri-Jo dance centre… plenty of room there, but the other two are smaller venues. CD's will be for sale at GREAT concert bargain prices!! Kerani will play a 30-minute set from her new instrumental masterpiece, and Asher will sing songs old, new and newer! Further details & tickets here.

27/04/14 ~ New You Tubes!!

These new You Tubes have been uploaded since February.

Heal Your Heart ~ Heal your heart, I love you & The river is flowing.

Comedy ~ Ron & Mimi's Cosmic Love Soup (where Asher plays self-styled guru Ron Nimini!)

Concerts ~ Jah no dead, Song of my inner Jesus & Kyrie

Album tracks ~Black sheep boy, Song of eternity, Only you & Hiawatha.

27/04/14 ~ Two new albums by Myristica!

A very popular guest artist on this site, Myristica has released two wonderful new instrumental albums, the enchanting compilation album Butterflies and Lullabies, and the reflectively wistful Waiting for Yesterday. Samples, CD's and downloads available here.

02/02/14 ~ Heal Your Heart - (High Planes Music volume 2) now available!!

Heal your heart
Asher's new studio album Heal Your Heart is now available on this site as a CD & download, featuring 16 entirely new interpretations of some of his best loved songs from recent years… moving, uplifting, spiritually deep and joyous.

~ To buy the CD in the shop for £12.95, click here
~ To buy the download for £7.99, or any individual track for £0.79, click here
~ Track listing and description here

26/01/14 ~ 3 concerts in the Netherlands

Asher will sing in Hellevoetsluis, Strijen & Beek, Netherlands in May, 2014. Further details and tickets here.

26/01/14 ~ New recent YouTube uploads

Videos for 'One more hour' and 'Sometimes I feel like a motherless child' from Asher's new album Heal Your Heart have recently been uploaded. Also, a new comedy film in Asher's Ron & Mimi series, Ron & Mimi's Cosmic Love Soup, promotes 'Amazing grace' from the same album.

26/10/13 ~ December concert in London

I'm giving a small, festive concert in London at 8.00pm on friday December 6th, at Violet Hill Studios, a quiet healing centre in St. John's Wood. The lovely meditation room holds about 40 people, and makes for a most intimate atmosphere. I'll be singing a few of my versions of Christmas carols like 'Silent night' and 'In the bleak mid-winter', plus tracks from my new album State of Grace, and other songs of mine that people like! I'll be joined by my friend Mei-Ling Grey (aka Myristica) who will play three of her own delightful and wistful instrumental tracks, and Mei-Ling and I will also play and sing a couple of our collaborations. Healthy nibbles and drinks are included in the price of £20, and our CD's will be for sale at Christmas bargain prices!! Full details here.

26/10/13 ~ Special seasonal CD offer!!

My new album State of Grace is currently available in my web-shop with This love, (a compilation of some of my early songs), for only £9.95 plus p&p... two albums for just £9.95!! This offer is open until December 20th, with seasonal gifts specifically in mind! See here. Bear in mind that... separate to this special one-off deal... I offer a 'buy two or three albums and receive a free gift CD of your choice', as well... ALL THE TIME!! This year-round deal works out at close to eBay prices!

26/10/13 ~ New YouTubes

Recently uploaded videos are the epic 'Love will always heal your heart' and 'Greensleeves' Soon to come will be 'Morning sun', 'Evangelina', 'Rashani', Water lillies' and 'Days of honey' plus several 'live-in-concert ones' from my three October concerts in Holland.

26/10/13 ~ Songs of Love and Chains volume three & other projects

I've added a fourth musical project to the three that I'm currently working on... a Songs of Love and Chains volume three. This is where I re-interpret great songs by other artists. I'm planning on recording 'Scarborough fair', 'When he returns' & 'Don't think twice' by Bob Dylan, 'Tupelo honey' & 'The healing game' by Van Morrison, 'Natalia' & 'Le Facteur' by Georges Moustaki, 'When a man loves a woman' by Percy Sledge. 'Fields of gold' by Sting and several others! The other three projects I'm working on are a High Planes Music volume two where I am re-interpreting some of my own songs from 2004-2013, more acoustically; White Temple... an album for piano and violin, and Cosmic Midnight... a channeled communion with song, spoken word and instrumental vignettes. I'm hoping to complete all of these projects within the next 12 months.

26/10/13 ~ Lyrics book

The albums Sacred Songs and State of Grace have now been added to the charming flipping page lyrics book on my site (see here), bringing it up to date! The book is in itself a work of art created by Emoke Labancz, who designs all my artwork, and I'm exploring whether we might actually be able to make it available soon, as a dedicated paperback book, at a good price available on my site. The words to all the songs I have ever written are in it, along with some beautifully poetic images, that make it a desirable item in its own right! If we are able to do this, affordably, I would sell each one personally signed. It has the spiritual presence of a meditative book of sacred poetry.

26/10/13 ~ New photo gallery

Photos from my recent concerts have now been added to the gallery page here.

30/07/13 ~ New YouTubes recently uploaded

From Asher's new album State of Grace

~ Holy sparks
~ State of Grace (acoustic)

Asher in concert

~ One more hour (the Hallelujah song)
~ The river is flowing
~ Hallelujah
~ My redeemer
~ Concert in the corridor

14/06/13 ~ October concerts in the Netherlands

Asher will be singing in Beek, near Maastricht, by the German & Belgian border on friday, October 18th, and in Strijen, near Dordrecht on saturday, October 19th and sunday, 20th. Full details here

14/06/13 ~ State of Grace now available

Sacred Songs
Asher's powerful and eagerly anticipated new studio album, State of Grace, is now available on this site as a CD & download, featuring 11 remarkable, beautiful and heavenly new compositions, and two bonus tracks.

Track listing and description here

~ For our special offer until August 15th, 2013 of the State of Grace CD plus any Asher Quinn album of your choice for £14.95, click here

~ To buy the CD in the shop ordinarily for £13.45, click here

~ To buy the download for £7.45, or any individual track for £0.79, click here

'I believe God put angels here on earth to give meaning to our lives, and to make us happier... and Asher is one of those angels.'
~ Mayha Bei, Brazil

'Fantastic to listen to! You give so much hope to so many.'
~ Eva Gson, Sweden

27/05/13 ~ New album by guest artist Myristica, called Little Oak.

Myristica's enchanting new instrumental album, Little Oak, is now available on this site here

27/05/13 ~ Concerts in Holland in October

Asher will be giving at least two concerts in Holland in October. Details to be announced in a while.

14/04/13 ~ Asher interviewed by Sadiq Alam for Mystic Saint.

Sadiq Alam conducts an in-depth interview with Asher about his origins, roots, mysticism and call to Spirit, and how it affects his music. Read about Asher's early life, visions, encounters with witches, spiritual practices, teachers and inspirations. See here

14/03/13 ~ Asher's song 'We are one' used in global peace initiative

Iranian/German artist Saeeid Dastmalchian has started a global peace initiative called YOUR FACE FOR PEACE, and used the track 'We are one' from Asher's album 'O Great Spirit' as the anthem. YouTube video ~ here. Saeeid's first objective is to present 10,000 faces and names to world governments, calling for peace between nations. Here's the website, where you can find out how to put your own face for peace up ~


And you can make your own message for peace ~ here

13/03/13 ~ Review for 'Sacred Songs'


A 5-star review!!

Asher Quinn's recently released CD, 'Sacred Songs' is truly a monumental work! It's his twenty-sixth album, and, believe me, every new album is even better than the last. Actually, it is inconceivable that this man has remained so relatively unknown all these years, as he has progressed from being, originally, the creator of beautiful, innovative instrumental new-age music (recording then as 'Asha') to a composer and performer today of great, mystical love-songs. Perhaps he is best described as a spiritual singer/songwriter, and the pioneer of a genre… the spiritual love song.

'Sacred Songs', says Asher, was channeled, literally, between March and July last year. Beautiful arrangements, excellent musician-ship and a disarmingly pure voice open the gates to the heart each time one hears the very first notes of the fourteen songs. And people who love poetry also have much to enjoy and marvel at, listening to his profound lyrics and metaphors (reminiscent of William Blake and the romantic poets) in gorgeous love-songs like 'Beyond Saturn' and 'I wish', and the spiritually themed ballads 'You are loved' and 'Evangelina'. There is so much spiritual wisdom here, as well as startling beauty. There is the folky, pagan 'Green man', and the heart-achingly beautiful 'Passion play', but particularly special is the final song One More Hour; (the Hallelujah Song). The original melody Canon in D (Pachelbel) later contains Asher's own lyrics and I can tell you, it's tender, passionate, heart-opening and enriching… incredibly moving.

Characteristic of Asher Quinn's music is that the songs are so deep and diverse. If you listen to them frequently, every song actually seems to gather in strength, depth and intensity… as if they continue to grow and develop in your soul! A monument, indeed, with perhaps one small point of criticism: just over seventy minutes seems so very short with these kind of songs!! A double CD of this material would have been ideal!!

Marc de Klein
Reviewer of Consciousness Magazine (Bewustzijn), The Netherlands.

14/02/13 ~ Interview

Earlier this month Asher conducted an interview with Ananda Trojan at the Rainbow Spirit Magazine in Germany, in anticipation of his concert at the Festival in Karlsruhe on May 20th. Ananda asks him about his spirituality and the message in his music. See here.

16/01/13 ~ Asher Quinn as a psychotherapist

Asher is also a qualified psychotherapist, and has had a practice for 25 years... the same length of time that he's been producing albums! As Skype is now available world-wide, you may be interested to know more about the style of therapy, counselling and spiritual life-coaching he offers. For more information on Asher as a psychotherapist, see here

30/12/12 ~ Downloads

17 of my 18 catalogue albums are now available for download on this website here. The only album not currently available is Asher Quinn 'live' at Violet Hill.

10/11/12 ~ Guest artists on this site

Myristica (aka Mei-Ling Grey) is now featured on this site here. Her 2 albums, Sea of Dreams and To the Moon and Stars, are available for download on her page, and the CD of To the Moon and Stars will follow shortly. Another guest artist Kerani (aka Erika Kele) will have her album 'The Journey' featured in the new year on a page here, and this, too, will be available for download and CD.