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If you’re fabulously wealthy, and like the idea of sponsoring the arts, musicians these days are facing significant changes in the market-place. CD sales and even download sales are declining, in favour of streaming! I put all my 250+ titles up for free on numerous sites, like SoundCloud and YouTube because my primary focus is to share the music that comes through me.

Free streaming for the public, however, generates only tiny amounts of income for the artist through advertising revenue. 10,000 streams of a track might bring me $20!! All artists, except those with huge promotional machines behind them, now struggle for income! The irony is that good music is being heard globally by more and more people, but generating less income for the artist! I’m so happy to be reaching more and more people in every country of the world, and yet I’m wondering how I’m going to continue to be able to pay for it all!

Though all my tracks are available to download and buy on CD, here on my website and on i-tunes, amazon, CDBaby etc, many people, understandably, are simply happy enough to hear them for free if they can. Here on my site I offer a gift CD along with any 2 or more CD’s you might purchase, by the way!

Each album I make costs me about £4000 to record, press and promote, and each YouTube I upload costs me about £100 to make.

So any generous contribution you might care to make, if you are touched by my songs and films, would be greatly appreciated and allow me to carry on! I have over 3000 followers on Facebook, for instance… if everyone felt like giving just £1 every so often, I could afford to record more albums!

There are so many worthy causes to support in the world, of course, and more urgent ones, but music has a unique place in the scheme of things;

'What science cannot declare, art can suggest.
What art suggests silently, poetry speaks out.
But what poetry fails to explain in words,
Is expressed by music.'

                ~ The Gayan of Hazrat Inayat Khan