Knights & Angels

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Knights & Angels cover


Track Listing

   Stay close
2.   Hey, babe
3.   Pietà
   Just slip away
   Crown of thorns
   The colour of his blood
7.   I wish
8.   Everything will be OK
9.   All is given in grace
10. The bringer of miracles

 Knowest thou not whom I am?
12. Goodnight God
13. Take this love


A word about the songs...

The title for this collection of new songs accompanies this quote by Karl König, himself inspired by Rudolf Steiner:

"There is a knighthood of the 21st century, whose riders 
do not ride through the darkness of physical forests, as of old, 
but through the forest of darkened minds.

They are armed with a spiritual armour,
and an inner sun makes them radiant.

Out of them shines healing,
healing that flows from the knowledge of the human being 
as a spiritual being.

They must create inner order, inner justice,
peace, and conviction in the darkness of our time.

They must learn to work side by side with angels."

We are spiritual beings behind our physical reality, and all things emanate from the unseen world. The impulse to commune with the unseen world is actually our birthright, and to follow this path whole-heartedly and unconditionally requires a kind of inner chivalry, courage, nobility and faith very much in the mythic manner of the Grail Knights.

The moral tasks on this path are to purify mind, body, soul and spirit, and to transform vice into virtue… to replace the seven deadly sins with the seven virtues. So humility replaces pride; gratitude replaces greed; kindness replaces sloth; love replaces envy, and so on.

In effect, we sacrifice our personal will for the divine will, but in a spirit of active surrender… not passivity, fatalism or cynicism. And in this we are helped by the angels and the higher beings, who are forever watching over us protectively and mercifully.

These songs come from out of my personal experiences of love and loss, of spiritual vision and intimation, and from out of the realms of beauty and harmony. I compose in order to first of all gather solace and healing for my own heart, from the well-spring of divine love. Only then do I seek to manifest them, to share them and to take the fruits to market.

Wherever possible, I offer these songs freely… in the spirit of how they came into me in the first place. I share them freely on social media, and take them to any market-places only to recoup the material costs.

Stay close’ opens the album, but actually was composed and recorded last; right at the bell… inspired in part by Asaf Avidal’s immensely moving song ‘My old pain.’ It has an upbeat folky feel, but in a minor key. It’s a song for a lost love; for the pain of physical loss, and yet for the deepening of closeness on the spiritual level. Track two, ‘Hey, babe’ is for the same lost love, and describes an imagined meeting in all its poignancy. It’s a bitter-sweet, sparkly ballad, intimate and almost child-like, musically. The sonorous ‘Pietà,’ with its melancholy string sustains and epic Teiko drums, describes the cradling of the slain Christ by his mother, and all that this symbol holds for humanity. All loss and suffering is a kind of felt crucifixion, carrying with it the seeds of resurrection in the soul. Track four, ‘Just slip away,’ re-traces my path through the labyrinth of love and mystery, through love gone astray, in an attempt to retrieve my soul. The song becomes a sanctuary for my feelings; a witness; a journal. It was the first song recorded on this album, and is quite sparse and stark, though melodic.

Crown of thorns,’ woven around an improvised piano cascade of sorrow, describes how personal pain can take one closer to universal suffering, but with no intent to wallow, of course... only to redeem and heal, through transformed consciousness. And track six, ‘The colour of his blood,’ continues the theme, but musically it has the atmosphere of an anthemic ballad of old, with it’s jangling lead guitar foundation. ‘I wish’ is a re-working of a song that appeared on an album called “Sacred Songs” back in 2012. Then it was folky, now it’s church-like; stately; swirling... psychedelic, even. It’s not a wish to re-kindle the past, but a series of blessings bestowed upon a love… an acceptance of ending that is freeing. It is a song of unconditional love.

Then, there is a trinity of uplifting, spiritual love-songs... tracks eight, nine and ten. ‘Everything will be OK,’ ‘All is given in grace,’ and ‘The bringer of miracles.’ These are songs of faith, hope and love... sweet, melodic and rhythmic. Track eleven, ‘Knowest thou not whom I am?’ is different to all the others, however. It is piano-based, but the difference is more in the vision. I live in Hungary now, and the rolling hills and endless plains speaks to me. I feel Hungary has a special place in the Grail tradition of chivalric, higher love. This song is borne of a vision of the returning lover to his beloved… and of the Christ to humanity... intuited and awaited by the young mother of the land; the moon maiden. This is not simply a vision of her receiving him, but of he longing for her. He is the lover, and she the beloved; He is the Grail Knight and she the angel; he the magician, and she the young Sophia; he is the Christ, and she the Mary Magdalen. This song was conceived on a pilgrimage in Erdély, now Romania... the true heart of the ancient Hungarian Kingdom.

Goodnight God’ is a lullaby; a prayer in the form of a child’s song, musically. It is the coda of the album, before a last surprise! The surprise is track twelve-plus-one (twelve months and one year; twelve disciples and one master), ‘Take this love,’ written with Oliver Riz. Oliver is a young musician friend in Hungary, a very gifted pianist and composer now working on film scores! He composed the music, and I wrote and sung the words. It is a song of higher love.

~ Asha, January 8th, 2018