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Gospel of Love - £15.95
This is a gentle collection of mostly original higher love songs, in a largely acoustic, more minimal folk-style, reminiscent perhaps of the later spiritual songs of Johnny Cash, Tom Jones and Leonard Cohen, but still very much in Asha’s unique style, lyrically & musically. The songs are channeled from the realm of spirit.
Songs for a More Meaningful Life - £15.95
A haunting and exalting new collection of original songs, with 14 tracks and over 75 minutes of music. These are songs of love, consciousness, redemption and responsibility.
God Gave us Flowers - £15.95
20 great cover versions in the ‘Asha’ style, and 80 minutes of music! With songs by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly, Ed Sheeran and many more.
Sirius - £15.95
Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky; the star of Bethlehem. Here we have a main album of 13 higher love songs (74 minutes), plus a 2nd CD of 3 of the songs sung in Hungarian by Katinka Egres, as Asha lives in Hungary. Compelling, transcendent and loving.
Grail Songs - £14.95
This goes deeper and deeper into the Grail mysteries that reveal the spiritual truths about higher love, through the medium of song.
Knights & Angels - £14.95
Intimate and beautiful ballads about love, loss, blessing, rapture and faith on the spiritual path.
Calvary Hill - £14.95
A magical and mysterious collection of songs where inspiration. manifestation and integration all dovetail, to create something much more than the sum of the parts.
Thunderheart - £14.95
A powerful collection of new songs! Rhythmic and exalting anthems, combining with devotional and delicate ballads.
The Blessing & the Bliss - £14.95
13 new songs! Joyful & poignant by turns. Enchanting, deeply touching and transcendent.
Heart and Soul Rhapsodies - £12.95
15 improvised piano pieces. Passionate, magical and spell-binding.
Sun, Sorrow, Flowers, Moon - £13.95
Songs well-known and less well-known! Sunny music, but also moon magic and flower essence!.
Heal Your Heart - £12.95
Loving, joyous and profound! A direct transmission of higher love.
State of Grace - £12.95
A visionary album of tenderness, beauty and joy that goes straight to the heart.
Sacred Songs - £12.95
14 profound and heavenly new songs that awaken the heart to a remembrance of the sacred beings we truly are.
O Great Spirit - £12.95
10 passionate new songs; bold and gentle, timeless and yet of the time. Brimful of spirit, beauty, power and poetry.
Falling Through Time - £12.95
Almost 70 minutes of exquisitely produced new love ballads and traditional songs, with great emotional warmth and tenderness, startling vision and deep emotional impact.
The Songs of Asher Quinn - £14.95
A very popular double CD compilation of tracks only from Asher's early days with New World Music, which includes a few tracks from deleted albums otherwise not available.
'Live' at Violet Hill - £14.95
A CD and a DVD made of a recent acoustic concert at a small, intimate venue in London. Asher sings many of his best-known spiritual love-songs.
Forgotten Language of the Heart - £14.95
A double CD 'greatest hits' album from 2009, which includes several new 'live' tracks together with Asher's personal choice of tracks from his back catalogue.
Songs of Love and Chains - £14.95
Double CD - Asher sings Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen et al. Produced as if sung in a cathedral, his re-interpretations seem to make these familiar songs more sacred!
Serpent in Paradise - £12.95
A more piano-based studio album which includes nine beautiful, poetic new compositions and some radiant traditional songs, like 'Morning sun' and 'The river is flowing'.
High Planes Music - £12.95
Fifteen of Asher's best loved songs re-recorded in simplified form to goosebump-inducing effect! Piano, cello, bass, vocals and ethereal female vocal backing from Hungarian gypsy singer, Lila Mayi.
This Love - £10.95
A compilation of classic back catalogue Asher love songs, also including a new version of 'Greensleeves'. Lyrics are added to the track 'Fiery moon' for the first time.
Stardance - £10.95
A compilation of nine classic Asher instrumental pieces from the original albums Wings of Fire, Field of Stars and The Marriage of the Sun and Moon.
Sketches of Innocence - £10.95
A collection of piano and lightly orchestrated pieces from four albums made between 1988-1996. Ideal chilling out music for mums and kids, especially.
East of East - £12.95
A disarmingly tender collection of spirited songs, given a slightly more acoustic treatment than in previous albums. Some truly sublime, mystical moments here.
Music for Love - £10.95
Vocals and instrumentals combine in this uplifting yet delicate new age magical journey, taken to a higher strata still by classically trained singer Susanna, who guests.
Love is the Only Prayer - £10.95
This album is by turns a tender, profound, poignant, exciting, adventurous and, above all, spiritual mix of vocal and instrumental pieces. Magic-carpet ride!
A Concert of Angels - £10.95
A collection of largely improvised piano and keyboard instrumental tracks with a strongly spiritual visual narrative. Asher's best- selling album to date.
Mystic Heart - £10.95
A ground-breaking vocal and instrumental spiritually-themed album which topped the new age and ambient charts around the world. Produced by Anthony Phillips of Genesis.
Open Secret - £12.95
A 2009 re-issue of Asher's best-selling debut instrumental album, including three previously unreleased bonus tracks, and new artwork. Featuring Andy Latimer on lead guitar.