Hi Asher Quinn! So good to hear from you! I am sure you have checked my site to see the great artists I work with, but what makes your introduction to me today is, I am, Sir, a fan of your music :) So many of your songs are already in my favourites playlist!

~ John P. Olsen, New Age Music World, Missouri, USA (2011)


You know, this new song 'Visions' reminds me very strongly of one of my favourites of yours 'Angel's lullaby'... those chords cut through my soul... it is so emotional... again. I have always been very sensitive to your compositions because of the chords you use. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why I cannot always listen to your music, sometimes it's too confronting but I can't exactly explain why. But it just happens. I think it's a certain feeling of longing, but I don't know exactly to what... I have this with your music from the beginning. 'Soldier of love' was the first song of yours that I ever heard, and it made me cry many times as 'Angel's lullaby'. I am afraid that this will happen again with certain songs of your new album "Falling Through Time" as well... I can only say that I am grateful to have discovered your music and that I have the opportunity to talk to you.

~ Guy Sweens, Netherlands (2011; New Age composer)


Dear Mr. Quinn, I just wanted to say thank you for finally settling on a name! For many years I have been searching for your music since listening to "Mystic Heart" by Denis Quinn, occasionally getting lucky on Amazon or sometimes on other more eclectic sites, but found just a few albums that you recorded as Asha. Tonight as I was looking at the latest additions to eMusic in the genres that I like, the "Songs of Asher Quinn" popped up on the list. I had no idea that you were the same artist until I listened to the first song on the album - the next thing I knew I had downloaded songs from almost every album. I was intrigued to note that none of your earlier Asha albums were there, but what a delightful treasure trove of new music for me!

~ Colleen Porter, USA (2010)


On 19th September my father died after a short illness. Your music helped me through the following few days, as it did back in 1993 when my mum died. That's when I discovered your great music. It helped a lot then, and it helped me once again.

~ Bill Speed, UK (2010)


I have only owned 2 CD's of yours since the 1980's ("Open Secret" and "Mystic Heart") and I have played them constantly over the years to uplift my heart and soul. Now, just today, I have discovered your website and purchased 10 more. I will be in heaven!

~ Karen Katra, New South Wales, Australia (2010)


Hi my friend Asha. Your sound touch deep all hearts. Thank you very much for your great work in music. God bless you and your family. Namaste.

~ Starwalker Afya Ghirish, MySpace, Brazil (2009)


I congratulate you on your music. It has wonderful passages, full of feeling, tenderness and intimacy. Rarely do I listen to music that can move me like yours. I never tire of listening to songs like 'Mary Moon', 'Soldier of love', 'Sailing on the silk blue sea' and 'In love'.

~ Javier Maiques, Granada, Spain (2009)


I have albums by other New Age artists, but nothing can compare to your music. It is so enchanting. It brings me in a state of ecstacy whom I cannot describe, for your music brings me straight to heaven.

~ Annie de Backer, Netherlands (2009)


I've come across your music by chance at eMusic. I've bought all tracks available. Can't get enough. Your music, in my opinion, is absolutely divine. Please be assured I'll do everything possible to spread your heavenly music throughout Scandinavia. Please keep up your 'absolutely-out-of-this-world' works.

~ Dag A. Dahle, Sweden (2008)


I really enjoyed the concert. You're a great performer, and I think the way you act and speak you're a very kind man.

~ Danny, Belgium (2008)


Dear Asher, it is with great pleasure that I contact you. I have been listening to your music for many years now, and it is truly beautiful. Your music is uplifting, peaceful and a blessing to our souls. We are privileged to share your beauty.

~ Carmel Votano, New South wales, Australia (2007)


Last saturday we went to the concert. What can I say? It was a brilliant concert that touched to the bone. Asher's uncomparable voice backed-uped  by piano, guitar and mouth-organ. As pure as you can get it. The atmosphere was that of a jam-session amongst friends, filled with laughs and emotions, but with the quality of a ready-mixed CD. In the break and afterwards there was plenty of time to meet with 'international rock-star and sex-symbol' Asher (in his own words). Thanks a million for a wonderful night.

~ Robin & Gerda, MySpace, Netherlands (2007)


So many people adore your beautiful music here in Hungary; your enchanting albums are true sources of inspiration and peace for me and my beloved.

~ László, Debrecen, Hungary (2007)


When I listen to your recordings I hear a unique kind of music that is not from this earth, and even more not from this age. It is from a past that I think I have been living in.

~ Guy Sweens, New Age musician, Netherlands (2007)


There is just something about your music and voice that is absolutely out of this world.

~ Brent N. Hunter, TV Rising, San Francisco, USA (2007)


I am totally blown away by the beauty of your work.

~ Paul Dance, UK (2007)


We love your music, and would like to talk with you about the possibility of you composing special music for our Divine Heart Meditation.

~ Anna Shael, The Theosophical Fellowship, Australia (1998)


Dear Asher, thank you for the music that you made through your spirit, heart and soul. With all your albums you give so much of yourself.

~ John Godson, UK (1994)


This painting shows the connection of the Soul (the Light) between the Cosmos (above) and Mother earth (below). The music of your soul, Asha, is like this light.

~ Inge Moeller, Denmark (1998)


Your music for New World Cassettes is outstanding. The best of all. Your music is very unusual, and literally 'new world'! I think I have all your tapes to date, and tell others to buy New World Music, especially YOUR tapes. God bless you.

~ Terence Clayton, Conservation Watchdog Group, UK (2000)


I run a spiritual B&B and my guests love your music while they eat breakfast. "Wings of fire' brought tears to one young man's eyes. 'Apassionata' has brought me very close to Krishna, so much so that I have found a picture of him, and have since been drawn to having a flute in the home (which apparently he used to play). I play 'To my one true love' from "Mystic Heart" for my morning meditation. Wow! It is so very beautiful.

~ Anthea Mitchell, The Heart Centered B&B, Glastonbury, UK (1995)


I always program on my radio show your music with a lot of pleasure. Thank you for your moving music!

~ Luc Mariani, New Age Radio, France (1996)


I'm sending this letter (to New World Music) because for me Asha is the best musician, and for me is very interesting buy every titles!

~ Marcos Teruel, Spain (2001)


Your music is really exceptional, and I use it regularly when I have to write my newsletter for my company on the internet. It makes me feel great and gives me endless creative imagination for my articles.

~ Ejaz Ahmed, Ja Ja Investments, London (1998)


Dear Asha, there are several strands to this letter, in which I hope to be able to channel back to you some of the kind of energy you share with the rest of us. The first strand is to connect with you as an artist of great significance (certainly in music!) in my life. I recently caught up with a lot of your work that had eluded me for a long time, which has motivated me to write this. Though not intending to eulogise, I probably shall...

~ Trev Val Dolphin, UK (1998)


Dear Asha, yours was the first New Age CD I bought some years ago and was playing in a gift shop in Cornwall. Since then I have bought all of your CD's.

~ Jacqui Cassell, UK (2004)


Dear Asha, may I take this opportunity to tell you what fantastic albums you produce. Your music and words are superb. If I could compose ultimate pieces of music to stir every emotion of the human body, it would sound exactly like your music does. You are a class above everyone else.

~ Dave Wright, UK (1999)


Dear Asha, thank you for creating your beautiful music which has been my constant inspiration whilst painting a series of astrological pictures over the last two years.

~ Debsi, New Zealand


Dear Asha, the first piece I heard of yours was 'Sailing on the silk blue sea' (Concert of Angels). Then, as I bought more of your albums and discovered that you wrote songs as well it became clear to me that as well as being a brilliant story-teller, you also have the rare gift of being able to put into words and music emotions, concepts and ideas which many other people find very hard to articulate. My own favourites are 'To my one true love', 'Love is the Only Prayer' and the magnificent 'Come away, come away' which must be one of the most epic and all-embracing love songs I have ever heard.

~ Simon Lovelock, New Age Musician, UK (2004)


Asher's voice is like I've never heard before, so spiritual, so hauntingly beautiful.

~ Jeanette Stinson, UK (1995)


Dear Asha, your music reaches a deep part of my soul. I'm a massage/aromatherapist and my clients all love your music too.

~ Mary O'Driscoll, Wicklow, Eire (1992)


It is so an enchantment hearing your mystical music that we have decided to employee it during our therapies with the light.

~ Ivana & Catherine, Centro Universo, Lausanne, Switzerland (1998)


I sit with your music lulling in the background, swishing of sprinklers in the front yard, and my heart filled with a joy that only the Divine can bring. It is with this feeling, combined with a fateful moment of seeing your CD and name, that I write to you now. I have been blessed during my life as I know you have been, with a touch and inspiration so deep and reverent that I seldom speak of it. This came to me through the name Asha. I have reams of writing, poetry and songs which are inspired by this name. I thought that I alone dreamt the name Asha. I have kept this quiet and yet I have named 2 cats Asha, and my children's secret code is Asha. Hearing your music I am once again sensing the Divine.

~ Allison Piccolo, California, USA (1998)


It is true. Asha's music is beyond time. Since 15 years I listen to New Age Music. I used to feel bored after a while of listening to most of the authors. Asha never bored me, on the contrary he is continually inspiring me.

~ Natascha, USA (1999)


Your words and music have been a source of unimaginable peace, calm, love, serenity & relaxation against the grief and despair evident in everyday life here.

~ Major Peter Sonnex, the former Yugoslavia (1996)


Your music is not just music, it's 'more'. For me, words will not be enough to explain what your music does to me, for yours is music of the soul.

~ Atticus Geld, music reviewer, New Dimensions, UK (1993)