Thunder heart

    Listen out!
The Lion of Judah Is among us!
The lightning seed
And the thunder drum
Shake the earth,
And fructify the fields.

At cosmic midnight
With the visible sun sinking like a galleon
We gather to witness
The secret sun;
God on fire
Inside the crystalline planet.

Two lotus petals, 
Almond blossom and a hawk in the heart
His crown of thorns
Brings forth sweet rose-blood;
We sacrifice the sun
To ignite our inner flame.

Black the wood
From Adam’s tree, and Solomon’s sign
A Rosy garland
Where Love was impaled
Seeding the ground
For all our summers

There is a song,
A chant; a prayer; a potion in the ether…
Can you hear? Can you hear?
‘Thunder heart,’ She sings
‘Thunder heart, thunder heart
Heart on fire…’

Sixteen petals
From beyond the blue… tumbling, tumbling
Crescent moon,
And the piety
That frankincense brings

Hold back light,
Sound and reason; be Prometheus bound
Until thy wheels
They spark and dazzle
New eyes, new ears
New skull design

This solstice hour
The shortest day; the greatest power
Our tribe of twelve
Invoke the lion
The eagle, the dove,
The sun…

The lightning seed
The thunder drum, the storm of knowing
Three gifts
Three chords
Three matrices
Sword lily, lamb and higher man

Until the thirteenth
Is conjured from the twelve
He who was, and is
And always will be
Star adored
Love’s diamond mind

Our ceremony
Our sacred rite, our Christ Mass day
Our new year’s eve;
With spirit sight
All life renewed
First bull, then bear then human hand

Come see the dance
’Twixt solar King and maiden flower
His lance of Love 
Her chalice fills;
Wilt thou dance with me
And surrender to this secret sun?

I love the way
She sings Her song; lyre and lute
And wedding drum
‘Thunder heart,’ She sings
‘Thunder heart, thunder heart
Heart on fire, thunder heart.’