Chapel of the Sacred Heart

    I am building a chapel 
On that hallowed ground 
Where once I saluted the sun
As a guileless child

Sanctified by Thee
Earth-song marks the spot
Whence time lay trembling,
Blood on soil, sky on fire

First the foundation
Breath purified by Love
And then the soft stone walls
Grace upon grace

Roof timbers raised high
Lifting my heart to Thee
My prayers as altar flowers
My sevenfold being illuminated in glass

Each day brings new volunteers
Soldiers of love, exactly as I foresaw
Children of the violet ray
Converging upon Jerusalem

Inner legions with shovels and saws
Bare hands and morning glory
Impulse, intuition and imagination
My Samurai, my Holy fool, my poet laureate

Honour in toil, faith hewn from doubt,
Lamentation and longing
Transfigured into choral architecture
Another day done, the sun now bathes in mercy

Let’s down tools and break bread 
A time for laughter, candles, Holy smoke
And modern miracles
Wine back into water; Love remembered

Are we done, do you suppose? 
Should we stand back and take a look?
Walls of chalky alabaster
A holy dove, a rosy cross

A place to hear Thy sonnet for humankind
And nature’s Evensong trill upon the breeze
A place where we can renew our vows
Our golden dawn, our guilelessness

Some moments, then, of contemplation…
Seeds of individuation planted in Gethsemane
Millennia in the making, our masterpiece and mission
Our secret glory, our chapel of the Sacred Heart

Eli! Eli! Lama Sabacthani.
My God! My God! How Thou hast transfigured me.
That mysterious homecoming hymn 
An echo of Love’s thanksgiving in my intent

And lo, from dusk’s grey shroud another sound shimmers
Unearthly, auric, quickening and quaking
From the raging silence between the worlds
A tantric hum, a swelling choir

We are caught mid-breath, nascent eyes enquiring
Each face a frieze, a rapt calligraphy
A last supper, an entablature
Time lies trembling; what is that sound? What is that song?

What is this Love that calls to us?