Sirius cover


Track Listing

   When she loved me
2.   Our life went by
3.   The flight of the songbird
   Love one another
   Ninety-nine days
   Hallelujah prayer
7.   Sirius ~ starseed
8.   The mystic garden
9.   Borrowed
10. You and only you

 I won't give up on you
12. Amen
13. All is well


Extra CD in Hungarian

1. Tovaszálló szerelem
2. Misztikus kert
3. Az életünk tovaszállt


A word about the songs...

Sirius is the brightest star in our sky, and was the star of Bethlehem in the east that the Magi followed, to herald the birth of Jesus.
When I was five I had a vision of walking with Christ into Jerusalem, with thousands of other children, and I am still on that path today.

Many of these songs are about love and loss as initiations into higher love or ‘agape’ (from the Greek), whilst others are higher love invocations themselves.
I am English by birth, but I have made Budapest my home because my heart called me there, to a particular Mystery School teaching in the Christian mystic tradition.
In Hungary I am discovering many mysterious spiritual and cultural treasures, and a ‘soul group’ that make me feel as if we’ve had many incarnations together, before.

Amongst my new friends is Katinka Egres, who, like me, used to talk earnestly with the angels as a child. Katinka is now an accomplished actress, singer and film-director, and sings with me here on this album. She also translated some of the song lyrics into Hungarian, and directed two of the YouTubes. Her big thing is co-creation, at which she excels! As for me, I feel that my life purpose is to bring the living Christ a little closer to consciousness through song.

~ Asha, October, 2019