Thunderheart cover


Track Listing

   Sacramental song
2.   Will you marry me
3.   Where are you
   Little singer on the mountain
7.   Mother of love
8.   You'll never walk alone
9.   Your beautiful life
10. Michael row the boat ashore

 In the bleak midwinter
12. From slow to still
13. I choose everything


The twelve plus one...

Thunderheart has thirteen songs on it… twelve plus one.

The number twelve has significant spiritual mystery attached to it. There are twelve calendar months, twelve knights of the round table, twelve apostles and twelve inner aspects to the human being, for example… so the twelve has great symbolic power, representing much that lies between heaven and earth of the mystery between man and his maker.

The twelve plus one configuration takes it even further… the twelve calendar months make up the one year; there were twelve knights and one King; twelve apostles and one Christ, and twelve aspects of the one individual. So the twelve makes up the One.

Thunderheart” is a collection of songs that together constitute one statement; one sentiment... twelve aspects of one inspiration and one feeling. “Thunderheart” is art based on what I am discovering on the journey toward the One... towards Christ in the heart... the eternal in the mortal... the all and everything in the individual... the journey from the Sun King to the heart, and thence to the man.

The mythology around the Grail Knights of the Round Table, Jesus and the Apostles, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucian alchemists (both also twelve plus one communities) are all depictions of the spiritualisation of the ordinary self, and these songs contain something of the pain and joy I am experiencing on that journey myself... a journey of love and loss; of losing and finding, of suffering and redemption.

And from the lyrics…

Once I was a King of men
But now I am a child again
I gave away my kingdom
To be near Thee…
                   ~ ’Carissima’

I lose you in my hands
To find you in my heart
I ask: ‘How long?’
And you say: ‘Until…'
The world she turns
And I turn with her
Then this moment
She fades from slow to still…
                   ~ ‘From slow to still’

I choose everything
I choose whatever it takes
And You love me jealously
And I know that, and I want that

I choose suffering
And I’ll learn to suffer well
I choose offering
I choose to offer myself

I am Thy instrument
Take me heavenward
Take me skyward
To the citadel…

I choose everything
                    ~ I choose everything’

There are twelve kingdoms
And twelve blessings
And twelve stations of the soul
Twelve knights and twelve apostles
And twelve gates are made of pearl…
                       ~ ‘Little singer on the mountain’

Mother of love
River of life
Heroic surrender
Exquisite the light

She giveth balm to the broken
She brings pride to its knees
All manner of healing
Is given by She…
                 ~ ‘Mother of love’

Thank you honey
For everything
I’m so grateful to you
You gave me wings
And this sacramental song
That the angels sing…
                    ~ ‘Sacramental song’

The time has come
To fall in love with everything…
                     ~ ‘Thunderheart’

Mary, She made you
And Jesus He saves you
And me?
I just loved you
Since creation began…
                    ~ ‘Where are you’

Sometimes I crumble
Sometimes I’m on bended knee
Sometimes I simply cannot bear
The love you pour down on me…
                            ~ ‘Will you marry me’

Now you walk through the storm
I am with you my love
I’ll be here every step
Of your way

In the night I’ll protect
And each moment I’ll guide
I’ll be there at the end
Of your days…
               ~ ‘You’ll never walk alone’

You showed me your childhood
And you showed me your pain
You told me your secrets
Yes you tried to explain

You showed me your altar
And you gave me a key
You don’t have to worry, honey
Your secrets are safe with me
In your beautiful life
In your beautiful life…
                  ~ ‘In your beautiful life’

Sister mend the broken hearts
Weave the sun and sew the stars
              ~ Michael row the boat ashore’