Asher Quinn 'live' at Violet Hill

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Falling Through Time cover


Track Listing

   Morning sun (traditional)
   If you believed in love
   Bow down
   The healing game (V. Morrison)
   Shenandoah (traditional)
   Sweet dreams of the ancient ways
   Brief introduction to song
   Love's philosophy (P. Shelley / A. Quinn)
   Brief introduction to song
10. Down in the willow garden (A. Garfunkel)

11. All my fathers
12. Golden brown (Stranglers)
13. Girl Jesus
14. Tomorrow's God
15. The mystic garden
16. The river is flowing (traditional)
17. Forgiveness
18. I heard the voice of Jesus say (traditional)
19. Story about Leonard Cohen
20. Bird on the wire (L. Cohen)
21. In the bleak midwinter (G. Holst / C. Rosetti)
22. Have mercy on me
23. Ballad of the crystal man (Donovan)
24. Lift me up (B. Springsteen)
25. The marriage of the sun and moon
26. Fiery moon
27. Jah no dead (W. Rodney)

  Interview with John Kirkman

This is a relatively recent concert (2008) filmed at a small healing centre in London. Asher sings acoustically, with just a keyboard, guitar and mouth-organ to a rapt full house! As well as performing some of his own best-loved vocal ballads, Asher also introduces some traditional songs, and powerful renditions of mystically-tinged classics by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan. There is also much gentle humour as Asher chats to the audience. The DVD makes it a collector's item.

Listener's comments

It's great to see you now, also by singing. This is a wonderful DVD. If there are troubles in the family I give in your DVD and everyone 'comes down'. Love and light to your family.

~ Christl, MySpace, Austria (2010)


Thanks for your wonderful DVD 'live'! We can see now all your emotions when you sing!

~ Bruno, MySpace, France (2010)


To watch you perform makes my heart go faster, it is just like I thought; you sing with all your heart and soul. It looks like the music even comes out of your toes.

~ Meta Oost, Netherlands (2010)


More of the same, please! That is awesome, God-touched work. Love you.

~ Steve O'Bryan, YouTube, USA (*re 'In the bleak midwinter')


What a wonderful evening. Thank you for putting yourself out there for us all, and sharing the contents of your heart. I felt swept away at times with the beauty of your words and music.

~ Corah Clarke, UK (2008)

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